In these applications, leakage of water and gas in the tube to the air side cannot be tolerated,Tube-In-Tube Coolers use Double Wall Leak Detector Tubes that are used in critical applications like cooling of Generator, Motors, Alternator , Turbines, Stators, Transformers etc. They are used in Power Stations, Ship Engines or any other application involving cooling of Motor windings of the alternator. In these applications, leakage of water in the tube to the air side cannot be tolerated. The cooler is generally installed within the generator and is used to remove the heat of the stator or rotor with air. The hot air is then circulated over the fins of the cooler and the heat is transferred from the air to the fin and then from the fin to the water circulating in the tubes.


The double tube construction ensures that any leakage of water in the inner tube is securely collected in the grooves of the outer tube and channeled to the gap between the two tubesheets. Thesensors mounted in the void between the two tubesheets will detect any moisture and give indication or alarm in the control panel thus ensuring isolation of the cooler as soon as any leak is detected without the water getting carried into the air. Thus catastrophic failures of motors, generators and similar equipment are avoided by the Tube-In-Tube Coolers.

The tubes can be of any material but generally Cupro Nickel 70/30 (UNS 71500) is preferred for Inner Tube due to its suitability for sea water. Outer Tube can be of Copper (C12200) or Aluminum Brass (C68700). Any other material required for a specific application can be provided on request.

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