Mission and Vision

Our Core Values:

At our core we have two simple focuses, one external, one internal.

Our external focus is to always seek to understand our clients? needs and requirements, and then provide those needs to them in a timely and cost efficient manner. We believe the best approach to achieving this is to have an open and trusting business relationship with our clients which, we have seen time and again, leading to more productive and positive results for both us and them.

Our internal focus is our conviction that our human resource is our most valuable resource and hence we strive in every way possible to take care of each and every employee to the best of our abilities. Our commitment to this is shown in the large percentage of longtime loyal employees still with us. Their loyalty coupled with their experience and knowledge further enhance our ability and efficiency again leading to very positive results.

Our Principles:

To maintain our reputation of honesty, reliability and excellence.

To set the standards in quality, professionalism and commitment.

The safety, well-being and happiness of each of our employees.

Our Mission:

Like every other company, at DOLPHIN, our mission is to be and continue to be one of the best and most successful companies in the region. However, we do not measure our success in financial terms alone. Success, to us, means achieving all our goals, targets and deadlines in all our endeavors without compromising any of our basic principles in any way. Hence our mission is to continue on our path of success with our principles lighting our way while finding new and innovative ways to enhance and improve ourselves through our journey.

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